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Choosing Cabinets to Compliment Countertops

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 2:26 PM

Welcome back to our blog! In our recent posts, we took a look at some helpful tips to consider when you’re planning out a kitchen remodel and cabinet upgrade. Today, we will shift our focus to looking specifically at pairing gorgeous cabinets from WoodCabinets4Less with existing or soon-to-be installed countertops in your kitchen. Here are some of the best cabinet and countertop trends.

Old World Elegance

One classic kitchen style that is frequently featured in homes across the country is the robust Old World kitchen. This rustic style is all about the workmanship found in the details on wood cabinets and on the furniture pieces. Texture, contrast, and lighting are all important aspects of this style. Light and dark is a key characteristic of Old World kitchens, so choosing a maple cabinet with a mocha stain finish like our Madison Mocha Glaze Cabinets can enhance the appearance of a light or natural stone countertop made of marble, granite, or limestone. On the other hand, light, raised panel cabinets with hand-applied pen accenting will compliment darker stone countertops. What’s more, cabinets with pen accents highlight the architectural features of the cabinet, such as the molding, corners, and bevels to reflect the style and craftsmanship that best suits an Old World kitchen. Some of our favorite styles that feature a hand-applied penned accent include: Cream Glaze, Cinnamon Glazed Maple, Mansion Pearl, Mansion Brown, and Belgian White Chocolate Glaze. Enhance Old World kitchen cabinets and countertops by adding elegant antiqued, free-standing furniture, decor, and rustic chimney hoods located over the stove.


Modern Charm

When it comes to modern kitchens, there are a variety of cabinet and countertops combinations to choose from. Generally, when planning out a sleek kitchen with modern features, simplicity is key. Because modern-style kitchens often feature whites, grays, and blacks, it really comes down to pairing a smooth cabinet style with a clean, polished countertop. For instance, for quartz countertops, a smooth, light cabinet such as our Calm White Shaker provides the perfect touch of elegance to contrast the gray color of the countertops. If your kitchen has an island, enhance the kitchen’s aesthetic by adding a cabinet with a rich finish, like our Cherry Glaze.

Concrete and travertine countertops are currently all the rage, so for this light material, choose a darker cabinet like our Espresso Shaker for a bold kitchen style that emanates sophistication.

No matter which kitchen style you’re going for, at WoodCabinets4Less, we offer an extensive selection of cabinets to match any countertop material, so that you can create the perfect kitchen to match your style. Shop WoodCabinets4Less and turn your kitchen dreams into a reality!

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