Helpful Tips On Full-Overlay Fit

Monday, December 28, 2020 9:44 AM

Helpful Tips On Full-Overlay Fit
True Full-Overlay or Full-Overlay cabinets have doors that cover or "lay over" the top of the face frame, covering most of it. Understanding full-overlay and how it fits is a critical point in remodeling using these types of cabinets.Read More
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Straight Talk: Ready To Assemble Cabinets

Monday, January 28, 2019 4:53 PM

Straight Talk: Ready To Assemble Cabinets

Know your own expectations and if those expectations are not a fit for RTA cabinetry do not buy RTA cabinetry. If you're really on the fence about what is a best fit for your project we advise that you order a single RTA cabinet that is one of the pieces in your design. This way you can see it, assemble it, and know exactly what it is before ordering an entire kitchen or bath. Ask questions of any retailer or showroom where you want to buy your cabinets; they should be able to answer your questions and help you find a style of cabinetry that is right for you.

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Choosing Cabinets to Compliment Countertops

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 2:26 PM

Choosing Cabinets to Compliment Countertops

When it comes to modern kitchens, there are a variety of cabinet and countertops combinations to choose from. Generally, when planning out a sleek kitchen with modern features, simplicity is key. Because modern-style kitchens often feature whites, grays, and blacks, it really comes down to pairing a smooth cabinet style with a clean, polished countertop. For instance, for quartz countertops, a smooth, light cabinet such as our Calm White Shaker provides the perfect touch of elegance to contrast the gray color of the countertops. If your kitchen has an island, enhance the kitchen’s aesthetic by adding a cabinet with a rich finish, like our Cherry Glaze.

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Hello, and welcome back to the WoodCabniets4Less® blog! A kitchen remodel or cabinet upgrade is a huge investment that requires a great deal of planning. While devising a plan for your dream kitchen can be quite complex, depending on the size of the project and how drastic the changes will be, planning a kitchen renovation is also quite fun. In our last blog post, we started exploring tips to help you prepare and plan for a kitchen remodel and/or cabinet renovation and, today, we’d like to continue looking at more of these tips. To learn tips regarding the more fun aspects of a designing a kitchen renovation or planning a cabinet upgrade, please continue reading below.

It’s a Matter of Style

With the kitchen layout planning and budgeting out of the way, now comes the fun part. With so many handsome styles of RTA cabinets to choose from, it can be challenging determining which style and finish best reflects your individual style, and goes along with the characteristics of your entire home. Make a list of the kitchen styles you like, taking into account your kitchen’s floor plan, and the interior and exterior style of your home. If you’d like to go for a sleek, modern style, go for a shaker-style cabinet in a lighter wood tone, such as the Oxford White Shaker Cabinets or Silver Mist Shaker Cabinets. If you’re going for a more traditional style, go with an elegant birch wood cabinet such as the Mansion Brown Cabinets. Just make sure to choose a kitchen style that works with the other features of your home, especially with those found in rooms connected or near your kitchen.

Choosing Appliances

Once you’ve settled on an overall theme for your kitchen that best reflects the style you love, it’s time to choose the appliances. If you settled on a streamlined kitchen with shaker-style cabinets, you’ll want to amplify the style of the cabinets with appliances that enhance the color and finish. For modern kitchens, you simply can't go wrong with stainless steel or slate appliances, both of which will contrast nicely with white or light-colored cabinet styles. For a rustic look, slate appliances work, too, especially when paired with our Geneva Antique White Cabinets. Stainless steel kitchens are a classic choice because they work with any color, style, and setting. Stainless steel pairs especially well with our Madison line that features a glazed appearance, such as our Madison Black and Walnut Cabinets. Choosing the appliances comes down to style preferences; the key is making sure the appliances highlight the beauty of the cabinets.



Storage is a key aspect of any kitchen. As you plan the stylistic elements of your kitchen remodel and cabinet upgrade, don’t forget about the storage space. You’ll want to determine if your existing kitchen has plenty of storage space or if it requires more. For many, cabinet upgrades are key when they want to improve the aesthetics of a kitchen, but cabinets are also a functional element of every kitchen. Adding taller wall cabinets that run the length of the wall space up to the ceiling can provide ample storage space. What’s more, adding built-in pantries can add a touch of elegance and improve your kitchen’s storage capacity.


Ah, yes. You can’t forget about the countertops. In fact, one of the most important steps when planning either a partial or full-kitchen remodel is making sure the countertops and cabinets pair nicely together. Because these are two of the most visible aspects of any kitchen space, they can either make a kitchen look stunning, or drab and lifeless. If you prefer darker-toned wood cabinets like our Shaker Slate Cabinets, lighter stone countertops will provide a nice contrast to make the kitchen cabinets stand out. If you prefer lighter cabinets, like our Simply Shaker White Cabinets, go with darker granite countertops.  

Adding or Updating an Island Feature

If you have space, adding an island to your kitchen provides an additional workspace, more storage, and can even feature sinks, stove top burners, and wine racks. If you already have an island and you’re updating the cabinets and countertops everywhere else in your kitchen, upgrading this feature is a must. Let’s say you choose the Stone Creek Shaker Cabinets for your main cabinet features. A nice way to add contrast to these cabinets is by choosing cabinets for the island that offer contrast, yet enhance the beauty of both. In this scenario, going with a darker cabinet like the Black Shaker will pull the kitchen together. The countertops on the island can be a different tone from those on the main countertops, which will also provide a lovely contrasting appearance.

Thank you for reading our short blog series focusing on tips to help you plan your kitchen upgrade or cabinet remodel. Remember, planning is the key to creating a kitchen that will bring you joy for years to come. Proper planning helps ensure that all areas of your kitchen remodel are covered, including the aspects of style, functions, and accessibility. Planning ahead also helps you create a kitchen where every aspect compliments another, creating a whole aesthetically-pleasing space that fits your style and lifestyle. For the most extensive selection of elegant cabinets, shop WoodCabinets4Less today. Have questions about your kitchen design? Contact us today to speak to one of our kitchen design and cabinet experts for help with planning the perfect kitchen.

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Hello, readers, and welcome back to the WoodCabinets4Less blog. In our last post, we looked at plywood, what it is, and the benefits of plywood features in cabinets. Today, we would like to turn our focus to cabinet glazing, which is an important aspect of cabinet finishing. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are not only functional objects found in these rooms, they are also the most visible aspect of these spaces and, depending on the color and finish, can either make a room look gorgeous and welcoming, or dry and dull. With two different types of cabinet glaze applications available—full-body glazing and pen accent glazing—we’ve had many customers ask about glazing techniques and the difference between them and, in today’s post, we’ll explore both of these techniques. Please continue reading below to learn more.

What Is Glazing?

Glazing is the application of a thin transparent or semi-transparent coating on the surface of the cabinet door that alters the look of the finish.It can deepen or lighten the original/base color of the cabinet door stain or paint. Glazing is applied by hand or by brush to the entire door once the cabinets have been stained or painted and then cured. The glaze is then wiped off by hand. As a result, the glaze articulates the details of the cabinet such as the molding, bevels, and corners, while adding depth and color to the finish. Our Madison line offers some great glazed looks: Madison Pewter Frost, Madison Charcoal Frost, Madison Chocolate Frost & Chocolate Walnut Frost offering glaze and finish distressing are a few great options for those looking for a glazed cabinet style. Our premium line also offers countless glazed finishes on many wood species: Alder, Maple, Cherry, Hickory, Walnut and is also available in rustic wood style as well.

Benefits of Glazing

Glazing is great for creating a rustic, yet sophisticated look, especially on traditional raised panel cabinets. Some of the benefits of glazing include:

  • Creates depth and highlights cabinet features.

  • Adds subtle shading on cabinet doors and fronts for a stylish look.

  • Excellent for those looking for a more traditional kitchen or bathroom style that emanates elegance.

  • Perfect style for country or mountain homes with rustic or modern features.

  • Glazing adds a touch of class to any kitchen or bathroom.

  • Works well with a variety of kitchen and bathroom appliance finishes.  


What Is Pen Accenting?

Hand-applied glaze pen accenting is applying a transparent, semi-transparent, or colored coating to the grooves and bevels found on cabinet doors, particularly traditional raised panel styles, to highlight the architectural features such as the molding, corners, and bevels. Adding either a single line, double, or multiple lines to the bevels on the cabinets creates the illusion of a high contrast to accentuate every detail of the cabinet. This glazing technique may also alter the appearance of the surface texture of the cabinet, creating the illusion of deep grooves while drawing attention to the craftsmanship of the cabinets. Some of our styles featuring a penned accent glaze are: Cream Glaze, Cinnamon Glazed Maple, Mansion Pearl, Mansion Brown, and Belgian White Chocolate Glaze.

Benefits of Pen Accent Glazing

Pen accenting is a premium finish that offers an excellent way to add a unique, antiqued look to any kitchen or bathroom. Some of the benefits of pen accenting include:

  • Hand-applied pen accent provides a concise line.

  • Cabinets have a depth and contrast, unlike other, more streamlined cabinets.

  • Adds a vintage, rustic, or Old World look to any kitchen or bathroom.

  • Works especially well for rustic and country style homes.

  • Enhances the appearance of stone countertops.

  • Goes well with a number of kitchen appliance finishes and hardware features.

While both of these glazing and pen accent glazing techniques are simply a matter of taste and style preference, either can significantly improve and enhance the aesthetics of any kitchen or bathroom. For those looking for a more modern, sleek cabinet, check our shaker line, which includes our Oxford White Shaker and Storm Grey Shaker cabinets. If you would like to upgrade the appearance and function of your kitchen or bathroom with glazed or pen accent cabinets, contact our cabinet experts today at WoodCabinets4Less and start designing the kitchen or bathroom you’ve always wanted.

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