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Did You Know... About RTA Cabinets?

Sunday, November 13, 2016 10:48 PM


That all cabinets start out unassembled or...ready-to assemble to some degree. All cabinets start out as a collection of parts. Face frame, side panels, doors, etc. Some are custom made, some assembled in a factory by the manufacturing staff, and some assembled by the do it yourselfer.

By ordering ready to assemble cabinets and putting them together yourself you save even more money. Keep in mind we have fully assembled cabinets as well as RTA cabinets, offering our customers more flexibility.

There are many RTA products in the kitchen cabinet sector and there are differences between some of them. We sell only the ones we actually use in our home and our rental properties. Cabinets we know and trust. Our RTA cabinets assemble quickly, in about 15-25 minutes each and use either dovetail construction or metal clip systems which really only require a screwdriver, mallet and optional glue. We don't sell any cabinets that assemble with a cam lock system.

Another consideration, is when you order RTA cabinets you will see every part of your cabinet. When you buy a cabinet that is already built you don't see any of the imperfections that may be in some of the parts because they have been covered, filled, or just don't show. There can be many imperfections in natural wood products and understanding what affects cabinet stability and performance and what doesn't is important. Oftentimes, a contractor will receive a customers order and they will touch-up things like small shipping damage issues before installing the cabinets in a customer home. As a homeowner receiving RTA cabinets, knowing what can be touched-up and what needs to be replaced can be confusing. It's important to send photos to your cabinetry dealer of any of these things you have concerns about in a timely manner so they can help guide you through what needs replacing and what doesn't.  

These cabinets are beautiful, sturdy and are nothing like furniture you buy from large stores and have to glue, no dowels, no cams and no guesswork.

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Q&A On RTA Cabinets

There are many misconceptions about ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about RTA Cabinets.

  1. "Are RTA cabinets made of cheaper materials than name brand kitchen cabinets?"

    This may have been true before the late '90s, when manufacturers still relied heavily on particle board and other flimsy materials, but today, top-quality RTA kitchen cabinets are constructed of solid wood and plywood. Many models are even superior to the name brands.

  2. "Are ready to assemble cabinets made as strong as pre-made or custom cabinets?"

    Because it wasn't put together by a craftsman or machine doesn't mean it is a weaker product. The same building techniques (dovetail drawers and mitered door fronts for example) used by master craftsman are used on RTA cabinets. In fact, since RTA kitchen cabinets ship disassembled, there is less chance of freight damage, so once put together, the unit may be stronger than something that was built, shipped and dinged up in transit.

  3. "Can I afford new RTA kitchen cabinets?"

    It is a common misconception that new kitchen cabinets cost tens of thousands of dollars. This may be true with custom-made cabinetry, but not so with ready to assemble kitchen cabinets. RTA cabinets cost up to 50% less than fully assembled or custom-made units. When you’re buying Pre-Assembled cabinets at a big-box home store, they begin as unassembled cabinets. You pay for that assembly before it arrives to you. You can save thousands of dollars just by completing the assembly yourself which is one of the reasons cabinets are so much more affordable than what you will find at the local stores. We save you money by removing the middleman and by always keeping you, our customer in mind.

  4. "Will RTA kitchen cabinets add value to my home?"

    Remodeling the kitchen and bathroom is the best way to increase the value of your home, and ready to assemble kitchen cabinets provide an affordable, durable option for increasing the market value of your home. Even more so than custom cabinets because you will spend significantly less on RTA cabinets.

  5. "Can a diy-er or homeowner assemble and install kitchen cabinets?"

    Anybody can assemble and install RTA kitchen cabinets. Granted, it is a little more involved than putting together an end table, but every cabinet ships with assembly instructions and highlights the tools needed to do the job right. We also have assembly videos available on our site. RTA cabinets are not the kind of put-together furniture you buy at a discount store.

  6. "Do RTA cabinets come in a variety of sizes to fit my kitchen?"

    There are ready to assemble cabinets available in almost any shape imaginable, so every area of your kitchen can be filled with useable storage and countertop space.

  7. "Do I have to have to hire a designer or architect to layout the cabinets for me?"

    Kitchen layout and design can be a daunting task, but that doesn't mean you have to spend thousands of dollars to figure out where things go. What is your vision for your kitchen?

  8. "Aren't RTA cabinets plain and not as attractive as custom-made cabinets?"

    This may have been true of early ready to assemble cabinets, but today, the manufacturers have a variety of cabinet designs and finishes to choose from. has 25 cabinet styles and various finishes available, so from simple to elegant, and country to modern, we have designs to suit anybody's taste.

  9. "Will RTA Cabinets take a long time to ship to me?"

    This depends on the company. Unfortunately, for many online retailers, lead times can be several months, and very little attention is given to the customer once their order is placed. At, we pride ourselves on customer service and turnaround time. Our cabinets ship in one to three weeks (most ship within three to five business days), and we are in constant communication with our customers through the order and shipping process.

The image displayed is an example of cabinetry construction and may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

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